Turkey season is upon us, which means it’s time to strut your stuff and get cooking. It also means you’ll be responsible not only for the enjoyment, but also the well being of all of your guests. The last thing you need on a joyous day like Thanksgiving is a trip to the hospital due to uncooked meat. We at A Training Company wish you the best. And as a gesture of goodwill, we’d like to extend to you the debunking of all of those mysterious myths that surround your favorite family holiday. And moreover, how to keep yourself and your guests safe from harm. You can become an licensed expert in food safety by giving us a call and asking about our food manager certification Lake Tahoe services.

Rule Number 1. Don’t leave you food outside to keep it cold

It’s getting around that time where the temperatures are dropping. The gloves and jackets are out. The storm windows are in. And the heat is up inside. But no matter where you live, the temperature is not cold enough to stand in place of your freezer or refrigerator. Even if you have a pile of snow to place the food in, you shouldn’t do it.

Why? Well first of all, you won’t be able to protect your food from scavengers. If you have a dog, you’d best believe that he or she can only resist so long before pouncing. And as for the racoons, well, let’s just say they don’t much care about formalities. They’re going to take your food.

Another reason is that despite the snow, the temperature is not regulated. So if for some reason the sun decides to pop out on a cloudy day, your food will rise in temperature and could potentially contaminate. Leaving your food out for more than two hours within the dangerzone temperature will leave it inedible. In that case, you’ll have no choice but to toss all your food in the trash bin or give your guests food poisoning.

Rule Number 2: Don’t worry so much about the frozen turkey

If you bought your turkey a little too close to dinner time and it’s still completely frozen, do not panic! You can totally still cook it. If just takes a bit longer. About 50% longer in fact. And if there’s any packaging that’s stuck to the turkey that you can seem to tear off, just wait. After a few hours, you should be able to remove it easily with a set of tongs.

Rule Number 3: Do not judge whether the turkey is finished with your eyes

Make the investment. Buy yourself a thermometer already. It’s myth that you can base how well done the turkey is on whether there’s still juice in the meat. That’s not enough information, even for an expert. If you really want to look like you know what you’re doing, you’ll buy the necessary tools to do the job right.

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