Cooking shows most certainly have some addictive qualities to them. They involve food, which is delicious. They involve people cooking food, which is entertaining in its own right. No matter how you slice it, cooking shows are cool. But a new study suggests that the chefs you see on TV aren’t quite as good at following food safety regulations as they are at making cooking look fun. Our Food Manager Certification Class Paso Robles services will not turn you into the world’s greatest chef. But you will most certainly learn how to keep yourself and those consuming the food you cook safe, which is more than many of the chefs on TV could say.

Researchers at the University of Massachusetts are saying that when compared to the practices of real life restaurant employees, that food show hosts were remarkably less conscious of food safety when cooking. Based on 39 episodes drawn from 10 different shows, nearly all of them violated some form of food safety regulation. In many occasions, they violated rules several times throughout the show. Among the most notable violations were the improper use of gloves and utensils, as well as cooking at dangerous temperatures for an insufficient amount of time.

The Repercussions Of Not Warning Viewers

Perhaps most concerning is the fact that, at no point during many of the shows do the hosts make mention of the importance of food safety when cooking. As public figures, the hosts have a responsibility to set the right example for their viewers. Cooking a delicious meal that looks pretty on a plate is only half the story. The other half is making sure the chef does not injure him or herself, or those around him. And that the people for whom he or she is cooking do not end up in the hospital due to food poisoning.

The Repercussions Of Setting A Bad Example

Considering the expanding popularity of cooking show television, this negligent behavior could influence viewers to follow suit. This begs the question of who should be held accountable in the event that someone falls ill as the result of poor practices on TV. Albeit, those who choose to take up the responsibility of cooking food for others should not do so without the proper training on how to stay safe. But that’s not always the case. Sometimes, people like to cook for each other. And when they do, they often like to impress their guests by emulating something they see on TV.

The good news is that TV hosts will not be influencing our professional guests to be negligent when handling other people’s food. Because in order to be a chef, one has to attain an official food safety certificate. You can do so by registering with A Training Company, which offers food safety training in various states throughout the country.

How To Be  A Part Of The Solutions

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