Food Manager Open Proctoring

ATC Food Safety offers Food Manager Open Proctoring services outside a classroom setting and in multiple location across the county. A ServSafe® Proctor is available at all Food Manager Open Proctoring sessions to administer the ServSafe® Food Protection Manager Examination. ServSafe® retests are also available at our Food Manager Open Proctoring sessions.

Food Manager Certifcations Exams are administered electronically so you will need to bring a laptop or tablet or smart phone with you to take the exam. Additionally, you should set up your free account at prior to your Food Manager Open Proctoring session as you will need your login and password in order to begin the exam. A photo ID is required to take the exam.

The ServSafe Food Protection Manager Exam is a closed book, secure exam. This means that you are unable to use notes or ask questions once the exam begins. ServSafe Food Protection Manager Exam results are instant. A passing score is 75%. If you complete the ServSafe Food Protection Manager Exam with a 75% or higher at a ServSafe Food Protection Manager Exam proctoring session, you will have access to your certificate the very same day! Pen and paper exams are available upon request. Requests for the pen and ServSafe Food Protection Manager Exam can be made by emailing us at after you complete registration.

How do I prepare for the ServSafe Food Protection Manager Exam?

There are several ways to study and prepare for the ServSafe Food Protection Manager Exam. The most important thing is that you PREPARE. The ServSafe Food Protection Manager Exam is not as “common sense” as many students mistakenly believe. Do not underestimate the importance of preparation.

Here are some of your study options. During the check out process, you will be offered various options to secure your preferred study selection.

Online Course

  • Self-paced with a passing score warranty* Take your exam at a testing center or visit an open proctoring session.

Virtual Class

  • Take an LIVE, ATC Instructor-Led class. We offer these Virtual classes 3 times a week. It is just as easy as a facetime or skype call!

Self Study

  • Buy or rent a book and study on your own before class.

Qwik Cert

  • Do a one hour, live review of the material with the proctor before you take your exam.

What if I fail the ServSafe Food Protection Manager exam?
Each registration is valid for ONE exam session. Retests are subject to retest fees. However, if you purchase the ONLINE COURSE as your study method, and complete the course as outlined in the terms and conditions, you basically “insure” your passing score with Tap’s Passing Warranty. If for some reason, you should fail your exam, you will not be responsible for am exam retest fee.

What if I cannot find an Food Manager open proctoring session near me?
Food Manager Open proctoring sessions are conducted by an ATC proctor. We are in many places, but not everywhere! In addition to our own proctors, we are networked with over 2,000 other proctors and testing centers throughout the county. DON’T WORRY–we can hep you find a proctor! Give us a call at 877-227-5212 and together, let’s figure out your geographical conundrum!

Food Manager Open Proctoring

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