Christmas is just around the corner, which means that corporate holiday parties should be coming up on your boss’s to-do list. And where there are parties, there is alcohol. While alcohol can be a festive addition to a corporate event, taking the necessary precautions beforehand can save you from any legal liabilities. Ensuring responsible and safe social gatherings should be the number one priority in company party-planning.  Learning how to throw safe social gatherings is possible with Las Vegas food safety manager certification services.

Considering the following safety factors will make or break your office holiday bash:

Drink tickets

Think about limiting the number of drinks the company provides by using a drink ticket system to track alcohol. Offering a variety of tasty non-alcoholic beverages eliminates the emphasis from heavy drinking. “Mocktails,” soft drinks, and coffee are great options to give your non-drinking guests.

Serve snacks

Serving food from the start of the event until the end is a smart idea. You want to ensure your employees aren’t drinking on an empty stomach. Don’t make drinking or eating the main focus of any event. Instead, highlight speeches, entertainment, company logo items, and games/activities. Moreover, having food available encourages people to drink more moderately. It also slows down the effects of alcohol. Think about providing a late night snack buffet before employees leave the party. Simple-to-serve foods like French fries, cheese, crackers, hot dogs, or tacos are sufficient snacks.

Hire a professional bartender

A designated trained bartender can keep an eye on your guests’ alcohol consumption. He can cut off people he deems as having reached their limit. He will know not to serve alcohol to any employees under the age of 21. Furthermore, never allow employees to serve drinks to co-workers, and you should prohibit a help-yourself beverage bar.

Pay for cabs

Pay for taxis to sit outside your event at the end of the evening, so there is easy access to safe transportation. In case these cabs run out, collect numbers for local cab companies. Make sure they are handy and visible to your guests before or when they decide to leave the party.

Don’t forget that any company gathering is still a work-related activity. What happens at the party will have the same legal repercussions as would the same (mis)behavior during regular office hours. Las Vegas food safety manager certification offers services such as The ServSafe Alcohol Program. It is a complete and convenient, responsible alcohol service training solution for people who work in the food industry. A Training Company offers classes and certification in food safety. Sign up for our services, so the next time you throw a company party, you’ll have nothing to worry about. Call us today at 1-877-227-5212.