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A Food Manager Certification is designed for mid-level or experienced professionals in the food service industry, such as restaurant managers, deli managers, cafeteria workers, shift leads, store managers, etc. With the Food Manager Certification Exam there are no required courses or training requirements leading up to the exam (unless jurisdiction requirements stipulate otherwise such as in Ohio). The learner is assessed based on their knowledge of a set of concepts proven by passing the Food Manager Exam, such as the ServSafe Food Manager Exam. Upon successfully passing the exam, the learner will earn their Certified Food Protection Manager (CFPM) designation (or CFP). ServSafe exam proctoring is also offered as a stand alone service.

If you are looking for Food Safety Manager Certification, you should know that the foundation for a safe food culture starts with TRAINING. How you know and what you know matters! ATC Food Safety provides you with the very best food safety manager training because our classes are taught by industry leaders. Who better to provide practical application of food safety concepts than folks actually from the industry, right?  ATC Food Safety provides food safety manager classes and American National Standards Institute (ANSI)-Conference for Food Protection (CFP) accredited ServSafe® Food Manager Exams and National Registry of Food Safety Professional food manager exams testing not only your technical food safety knowledge, but also behaviors needed to effectively implement that knowledge. Food safety training is good, food safety manager certification is better, and together, they will help you provide a foundation needed to build a food safety culture. ATC Food Safety will foster the practical application of the following core concepts covered in any of our food manager certification classes:

  • ☑ Pest Management Programs and IPM
  • ☑ Purchasing, Receiving, & Storage
  • ☑ Preventing Cross-Contamination
  • ☑ Controlling Time & Temperature
  • ☑ Cleaning & Sanitizing
  • ☑ Facilities & Equipment
  • ☑ Preparation, Cooking & Serving
  • ☑ Cooling and Reheating
  • ☑ Holding and Serving
  • ☑ Personal Hygiene
  • ☑ Proper Hand Washing and Gloves Use
  • ☑ Reporting Illness & Injury
  • ☑ Biological, Chemical, and Physical Contaminants
  • ☑ Food Defense
  • ☑ Management Systems
  • ☑ Active Managerial Control & HACCP
  • ☑ FDA Public Health Interventions
  • ☑ Imminent Health Hazards
  • ☑ Crisis Management & Response

Find Food Safety Manager classes and book your class today


How do I get my Food Manager Certification?

  • In order to obtain a food safety certification, the student must pass the food safety exam with a minimum score of 75% on the proctored administered exam. This certification is valid for five years.

  • ATC Food Safety offers the flexibility and convenience of taking the Food Manager Certification as an individual exam or with the Food Safety Manager course. Food Manager Courses are offered as a live class, a virtual class, an online class, or self study. The food manager exam must be proctored and is offered following every live class, at live ServSafe proctored sessions, or at a proctored testing center at one of thousands of locations  throughout the united states. 

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Class and exam or exam only:

Food Manager Certification Class and Exam

  • Live, instructor led presentation – Over 50 classes per month throughout the US. All live classes are followed by a ServSafe Exam proctoring session.
  • Virtual Class – Live food manager training from from any smart device. Take your exam at a testing center or visit an open proctoring session.
  • Online class – Self-paced with a passing score guarantee* Take your exam at a testing center or visit an open proctoring session.
  • Qwick Cert. All Qwick Certs are followed by a ServSafe Exam proctoring session.

Food Manager Certification Examination Only

  • Nationally accredited ServSafe Exam, at a live proctoring session
  • Nationally accredited NRFSP Exam, at a testing center at any of our 1,100+ testing centers located nationwide
  • Get your test results immediately
  • Testing center near your location

What is Food Manager Training and Certification?

How much is Food Manager Training and Certification important for food safety? It’s very important because food safety is a scientific discipline explaining the preparation, storage and handling of food in ways that prevent foodborne illness. Food safety affects public safety as well as it affects the sales of your establishment. Establishments found to violate food safety protocol are closed or fined.

Each person working in a food establishment is required to have a handle on food safety, there also should be someone responsible for these people and the overall food safety practices. This person is the Food Manager.

To become a food protection manager, you need to be certified. To be certified as a food manager, you need to pass a food safety examination administered by a certification provider recognized by your state’s regulatory entity.

Every food manager should be updated in the latest principles in food safety management. ATC offers a food safety manager courses.

Food safety is very important and the role of food manager is crucial to every food establishment. Don’t be afraid to take on that role. Get your food safety certificate now! 

Find Food Safety Manager classes and book your class today


Food Manager Frequently Asked Questions:

A food safety certification is required in many states such as California, Ohio, Nevada, Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina,  Alaska, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Utah, Colorado, Louisiana, Georgia, Pennsylvania, etc. States and counties locally may have additional requirements beyond just passing an exam. In most states, an exam suffices for proof on knowledge. However, in some states, like Ohio and Louisiana for example, requires a specific number of classroom hours attended before the exam is taken. If a physical class is not attended, often an online class will be considered compliant. Not all online courses are approved by the state so be sure you check with your local health department. ATC Food Safety only offers compliant exams for purchase for each state page.  For more information, please review our individual state pages or your local authority directly. We can help as well by calling us at 877-227-5212 if you cannot find your answers here. 

There are anywhere from 80-90 questions of the Food Manager Exam, depending on the brands: ServSafe or NRFSP.

ATC Food Safety offers training in every state. Our offerings vary per state. In states that require the trainer to be registered with the state before any certificates are accepted in that state. Rest assured, we are approved trainers in every state that we service, when additional approval is required by your state. Not every class is posted on our website, only public classes are listed. We always offer online options or private training in all states, Canada, and Mexico. 

If you have already passed a Food Safety Manager exam from ServSafe or NRFSP and it has not expired, your certification is valid nationwide, in all states. However, some jurisdictions have their own specific regulations, so please make sure to check with your local health authority for any additional requirements or call us for assistance at 877-227-5212. 

live class is when you physically attend a class hosted at a specific venue at a specific time that ATC Food Safety has registered you to attend. Our live food manager class is an instructor-led class followed by the ServSafe Food Protection Manager Exam. The last two hours of class, the instructor will proctor the secure ServSafe Food Protection Manager Exam, electronically. 

virtual class is when  you join a one of our broadcasted, live classes online, via your webcam or tablet camera or some other electronic means. Virtual classes are at multiple set times during the week. If you can FaceTime, Google Hangouts, Zoom, or Skype, consider our Virtual course. An ATC instructor will lead a class, virtually! It is not your boring webinar where you just listen to the speaker present. Our virtual option means an instructor can see you, you can see them, and you can ask questions in real time. You can join these virtual trainings from anywhere you have an internet connection. Contact us if you would like a demo. Let us prove to you how easy they are to join…and best of all, nobody will know if you are wearing pajama bottoms! Since the exam cannot be taken with out an exam proctor physically present, your exam will need to be take at either an open proctoring session or a testing center. 

If you choose an online course, you will be set up with a self-paced online, interactive course that you can complete on your own. The course will take you 8-10 hours to complete and can be spread out over time. When you purchase the online course, you will also choose your exam time at the point of registration.  Since the exam cannot be taken with out an exam proctor physically present, your exam will need to be take at either an open proctoring session or a testing center. 

Qwick Cert is only offered in select locations. It is when an ATC instructor proctor does an in-person, one hour review of the materials with you before they proctor your ServSafe food manager exam. 

Self Study is available in most areas if local requirements do not specify an hourly classroom requirement. In this case, we can provide you with a video link to a prerecorded, ATC class and an exam voucher for a testing center or appointment at an open proctoring session. This is a great option if you are just looking for a refresher before a re-certification.   

Once you have completed the electronic exam, you will instantly know if you have passed or failed. If you opt for the pen and paper exam, results can take up to 3 weeks from your exam time.

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