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About Certification

Iowa food managers have a responsible role of maintaining healthy food establishments and making sure everything is up to the FDA food code. This is vital as this way they also protect the public health and prevent foodborne illnesses.

In order to carry out their role adequately, food managers need to be skilled and have relevant knowledge about the foodservice industry. This is precisely what we offer in our food safety management classes – core principles, rules, and regulations, as well as the application of all of them into practical work.

There is a popular saying – “Practice makes perfect.” And that is absolutely true in many aspects of professional life, including the foodservice industry and food safety managers. We put great emphasis on practical training in our food protection manager certification classes and teach our ServSafe® food managers how to best apply them in their work.

Our classes are designed for all mid-level and experienced professionals in the foodservice industry who want to become certified food managers and be the best at what they do.

Apart from the food safety training classes, we also organize two types of certification exams, both of which are accredited by the American National Standards Institute and the Conference for Food Protection (ANSI-CFP).

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Classes and Exams

One of the core duties of a food manager is to create, contribute to, and preserve a safe food culture. And the best way to do that is to go through continuous professional food safety training where you can improve and perfect your knowledge, skills, and abilities.

This is where you can rely on ATC Food Safety and our Iowa food protection manager exams and food manager training classes. We provide you with the unique opportunity to learn from the best – the leaders of the foodservice industry.

In our classes we cover some of the core principles you need to successfully run your food establishments and they include:

  • Purchasing, Receiving, & Storage

  • FDA Food Code and Public Health Interventions

  • Imminent Health Hazards

  • Crisis Management & Response

  • Pest Management Programs and IPM

  • Preventing Cross-Contamination

  • Cooling and Reheating

  • Cleaning & Sanitizing

  • Controlling Time & Temperature

  • Personal Hygiene

  • Proper Hand Washing and Gloves Use

  • Holding and Serving

  • Facilities & Equipment

  • Active Managerial Control & HACCP

  • Management Systems

  • Reporting Illness & Injury

  • Preparation, Cooking & Serving

  • Biological, Chemical, and Physical Contaminants

  • Food Defense

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Experience has shown us that the best certified food managers are those who work on their knowledge, skills, and abilities and who stay updated on all the latest changes and the most important regulations from the foodservice industry.

And in order to provide everyone with the same opportunities to learn and develop professionally, we have made available several different types of Iowa food safety manager training classes. There is something for everyone:

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After the successful completion of your food safety manager training course, you can take one of the two nationally accredited exams, approved by the American National Standards Institute and the Conference for Food Protection (ANSI-CFP):

The food protection manager certification exams are also offered as a standalone service, which means that you can take them independently of the classes at open proctoring sessions. In order to become a certified food protection manager, you are only required to pass the certification exam.

How Do I Get My Iowa Food Protection Manager Certification?

In order to obtain your Iowa food manager certification and become a ServSafe® certified food protection manager, you need to get a minimum of 75% on your certification exam.

The results of your exam will be available to you immediately after the test and your food safety manager certification will be valid for 5 years.

Register for any of the Iowa food safety training courses or book your food protection manager certification exam today! For any further information or assistance don’t hesitate to give us a call at 877-227-521 or send us an email at info@atcfoodsafety.com.

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Iowa – The Hawkeye State

The state of Iowa is located in the Midwest of the United States, bordered by the Mississippi River and six other U.S. states. Its flag was designed after the French flag as it was once occupied by the French and a part of the French and Spanish Louisiana territory.

Iowa has more than 3 million inhabitants according to the 2018 estimates and it is only the 31st most populous state in the United States. The largest city in Iowa, as well as its capital, is Des Moines, which extends into two counties and has a population of 217,521 people.

Iowa started as an agricultural state, but its economy developed and diversified in the 20th century and started focusing on financial services, advanced manufacturing, information technology, green energy production, processing, and biotechnology. Iowa has a high quality of life and was named one of the best states for doing business in the country.

When it comes to cultural and tourist attractions, Iowa has a lot to offer. There are many places that are worth a visit, including the National Mississippi River Museum and Aquarium, the State Capitol building, Maquoketa Caves State Park, Amana Colonies, the bridges of Madison County, Herbert Hoover National Historic Site, and many others.

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