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With us, you can either take one of the many safety training courses we offer for your convenience or skip ahead and register to take the food manager exam directly.

As we believe in the power of continuous education and improvement, we always suggest food manager training before the food protection manager exam. It not only helps you achieve a higher score and pass the test, but it also provides you with invaluable knowledge of the foodservice industry and practice.

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About Certification

Before we dive into the different course options and types of exams we offer, let’s take a look at what our program entails and who it’s intended for.

It is important to emphasize that food safety is a serious scientific discipline and everyone who works in the foodservice industry should have relevant knowledge and insight into the best practices and core principles. This helps to preserve public health and manage a safe and up-to-code food establishment.

All Missouri food managers are required to abide by the Health Department and FDA food codes and make sure their food establishment doesn’t violate them.

Precisely for the above reasons, we offer various types of courses, including online food safety training, so that you are always up-to-date on all the latest principles in food safety management.

Our food protection manager certification programs are intended for both mid-level and experienced professionals in the foodservice industry, such as store managers, restaurant or deli managers and offer you a great opportunity to get some practical knowledge, expand it, and learn from the industry’s best experts.

While we always recommend and rely ourselves on continuous improvement and education, we also offer the food manager exam to be taken independently, at one of our open proctoring sessions.

The exams we offer are ServSafe® Food Safety Manager Exam and the National Registry of Food Safety Professional Food Manager Exam. Upon successful completion of the exam, you become a ServSafe® certified food protection manager.

There is something for everyone in our food safety training and certification offer, so browse through and see what fits you best!

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Classes and Exams

In all our food protection manager certification classes and programs, we put great emphasis on practical knowledge, i.e. applying all the principles and everything you know or have learned into practice.

That is exactly why we believe in the importance of food safety manager training. Through it, you will learn how to implement all the rules and regulations into real-life situations and the work you do. And additionally, you will be taught by the industry leaders.

We will bring you some of the core concepts and their practical applications, including:

  • FDA Food Code and Public Health Interventions

  • Imminent Health Hazards

  • Crisis Management & Response

  • Pest Management Programs and IPM

  • Purchasing, Receiving, & Storage

  • Preventing Cross-Contamination

  • Cooling and Reheating

  • Holding and Serving

  • Personal Hygiene

  • Proper Hand Washing and Gloves Use

  • Controlling Time & Temperature

  • Cleaning & Sanitizing

  • Facilities & Equipment

  • Preparation, Cooking & Serving

  • Reporting Illness & Injury

  • Biological, Chemical, and Physical Contaminants

  • Food Defense

  • Management Systems

  • Active Managerial Control & HACCP

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As we all have our own ways of learning, studying practices that work best, and environments where we can thrive, we have made available several different types of classes. Take a look and choose the best one for yourself:

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While we find the classes and the knowledge you can obtain in them invaluable, they are in no way a requirement for taking the food protection manager exam itself or for obtaining the food protection manager certification.

You can register directly for one of the following exams:

The exams are both nationally accredited and American National Standards Institute-Conference for Food Protection accredited and can be taken at one of the open proctoring sessions at our venues and training centers across Missouri.

How Do I Get My Missouri Food Protection Manager Certification?

In order to get your ServSafe® food manager certification, you will need to pass the exam with a minimum score of 75%.

Once you’ve successfully passed your ServSafe® Food Manager exam, you will get a certificate of completion and become a nationally certified food protection manager.

Your food protection manager certification will be valid for five years nation-wide.

Don’t wait any longer – apply today for any of the food manager training courses or open proctoring sessions, and if you have any further question we are at your disposal at info@atcfoodsafety.com.

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Missouri is a state with a very long, rich, and colorful history, whose lands have been inhabited for more than 12 thousand years and it had a vital role in the U.S. westward expansion. Today’s culture of the state is a great mix of both Southern and Midwestern part of the United States and there is a range of musical styles that developed here, such as St. Louis Blues, Kansas City jazz, and ragtime.

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