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Our main goal is to provide all our candidates, both future and current food managers, with the best, high-quality options for food protection manager certification. We do that by allowing you to choose your own type of course among several different types.

We also put great emphasis on education and continuous training because the foodservice industry is a changing one and you always have to be up-to-date on all the relevant food codes and regulations. And that is exactly what we bring you in our food safety training.

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About Certification

South Carolina food managers are the people in charge of maintaining proper FDA food codes and regulations of the South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control. They also make sure to protect the public and environmental health and prevent foodborne illnesses in different food establishments.

Their job is a very responsible one and that is why it is also important to go through continuous food safety training and stay updated on all the new food service and food safety management regulations.

Our food safety training courses are intended for all experienced and mid-level experts who want to become successful ServSafe® managers, i.e. certified food protection managers in South Carolina.

Throughout our work and years of experience in the foodservice industry, we have seen the great impact and the great results that food safety training produces in each future and existing ServSafe® manager. Not only does it help in successfully passing the ServSafe® food protection manager exam, but it also improves the quality of your work in food management.

Our food manager training classes are taught by renowned foodservice industry professionals who have a unique and very practical approach to teaching. They will help you become the best certified food manager by showing you how to apply all the best practices and principles into your practical food safety management work.

However, even though we always strongly recommend them, these food safety training classes are not a mandatory part of your ServSafe® manager training.

According to the South Carolina food manager certification requirements, you only need to pass one of our accredited exams, the ServSafe® Food Manager Exam or the NRFSP Exam. Both of them are also accredited by the American National Standards Institute-Conference for Food Protection.

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Classes and Exams

A safe food culture can only start when there are adequate food safety professionals and one can become a food safety professional through continuous and comprehensive training.

That is what we rely on at ATC Food Safety and what has proven to be the best formula for producing efficient, certified ServSafe® managers. In our food protection manager certification courses, we cover some of the most important principles, including:

  • FDA Food Code and Public Health Interventions

  • Imminent Health Hazards

  • Crisis Management & Response

  • Pest Management Programs and IPM

  • Purchasing, Receiving, & Storage

  • Preventing Cross-Contamination

  • Cooling and Reheating

  • Holding and Serving

  • Personal Hygiene

  • Proper Hand Washing and Gloves Use

  • Controlling Time & Temperature

  • Cleaning & Sanitizing

  • Facilities & Equipment

  • Preparation, Cooking & Serving

  • Reporting Illness & Injury

  • Biological, Chemical, and Physical Contaminants

  • Food Defense

  • Management Systems

  • Active Managerial Control & HACCP

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Seeing how our food manager candidates are all unique individuals with specific circumstances and needs, we have organized a variety of different food manager certification classes, so that everyone can have the opportunity to go through the training and refresh their knowledge. They include:

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After the courses, you can proceed to one of the food manager certification exams or you can take them independently from the training courses at an open proctoring session. Exams include:

Both food protection manager certification exams are nationally accredited exams, as well as approved by the American National Standards Institute ANSI – Conference for Food Protection CFP.

How Do I Get My South Carolina Food Protection Manager Certification?

In order to become a certified food protection manager in South Carolina and get your certificate of completion, you are required to pass the test with a minimum score of 75%.

You will instantly know the results of your examination and your license will be valid for 5 years.

We are available for all further questions, doubts, and information, so don’t hesitate to give us a call at 877-227-521 or send us an email at

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