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About Certification

When it comes to Ohio food safety certification for food managers, the administrative code of the Ohio Department of Health requires that you complete a food protection manager certification training approved by the Ohio Department of Health and a food manager certification exam.

Furthermore, the administrative code also states that all risk level III and risk level IV retail food establishments are required to have at least one employee with supervisory and management responsibility that has obtained the Ohio level two certification in food protection.

The said Ohio level two certification in food protection is another name for the food protection manager certification in the state of Ohio. It differs from the level one training, which is intended for the person in charge of each shift in a retail food establishment.

Certified food managers are people responsible for the protection of public and local health and for the prevention of foodborne illnesses. They make sure the FDA food codes are met and that all regulations mandated by the Ohio Department of Health are followed.

In our food safety training classes, we put great emphasis on practical training and knowledge and it is through them that we bring you some of the main principles and foodservice industry regulations. We teach you how to best apply them in the actual work that you do as a ServSafe® food protection manager.

Our food protection manager certification courses are very diverse and range from individual sessions to online training courses. This is exactly what our food safety manager candidates appreciate the most – diversity and options. We have recognized that not all people have the same learning methods and made it possible for them to learn on their own terms.

Feel free to browse through the many options we have for you and apply for your Ohio level two certification in food protection today!

Classes and Exams

All courses and certification exams at ATC Food Safety are approved by the Ohio Department of Health, as well as accredited by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI).

Apart from that, we provide you with the best quality food manager training courses where you will gain relevant knowledge and invaluable insights into what it takes to be a great Ohio food protection manager. All our classes are led by the best experts from the foodservice industry who will bring you some of the core concepts, including:

  • FDA Food Code and Public Health Interventions

  • Imminent Health Hazards

  • Crisis Management & Response

  • Pest Management Programs and IPM

  • Purchasing, Receiving, & Storage

  • Preventing Cross-Contamination

  • Cooling and Reheating

  • Holding and Serving

  • Personal Hygiene

  • Proper Hand Washing and Gloves Use

  • Controlling Time & Temperature

  • Cleaning & Sanitizing

  • Facilities & Equipment

  • Preparation, Cooking & Serving

  • Reporting Illness & Injury

  • Biological, Chemical, and Physical Contaminants

  • Food Defense

  • Management Systems

  • Active Managerial Control & HACCP

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Our ServSafe® food protection manager certification classes are all nationally approved and recognized and include several different types of studying and preparing for the final exam. They are comprehensive, high-quality, and practical and will help you become the best ServSafe® manager you can be.

The food safety training classes include:

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After one of the manager training classes, you are required to pass the final exam according to Ohio regulations. At ATC Food Safety, we offer two types of food protection manager certification exams:

  • ServSafe® Food Safety Manager Exam
  • National Registry of Food Safety Professional Food Manager Exams (NRFSP Exam)

Each of the exams is nationally accepted and accredited by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI)-Conference for Food Protection (CFP) and after successfully passing them, you will become a certified ServSafe® manager.

How Do I Get My Ohio Food Protection Manager Certification?

In order to obtain your Ohio level two certification in food protection, i.e. the food protection manager certification in the state of Ohio, you are required to acquire a certificate of completion for both the safety training and the certification exam.

In other words, you are required to complete both the food protection manager certification course and the certification exam.

When it comes to the certification exam, in order to successfully pass it, you will need to have a score of 75% or higher.

Book your place at one of our training centers around Ohio and start your certification process today! For any further information, questions, or assistance, feel free to contact us anytime at 877-227-5212 or info@atcfoodsafety.com

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